10 Tips To Make Your Daughter More Confident

Here are 10 essential tips to make your daughter have great self-esteem, being proud of her intellectual mind, and guiding her about how important it is for her to be appreciative of her body

Motherhood is the most special journey for any mother and the same goes for the mothers who nurture and give confidence to their daughters in being a better human..

Tip 1: Mirror Mirror on the Wall! 

Don’t tell your child to look at her weight as anything disgraceful. Empower her to look in the mirror and be proud of the skin she carries. The thigh gaps she doesn’t have are not the beauty standards she should be following but rather the thigh gaps which help her in having a better sense of her body.

Tip 2: Best Friend Forever (BFF)

When she makes mistakes, don’t shout or yell at her to make her feel like a failure. Make her realize that her mother is there to guide her best. Help her in making her understand that her mother is the first person she should look to when she is in trouble. It will help in developing a strong sense of the relationship between you both.

Tip 3: Listen to Her

If your daughter has boyfriend issues, don’t discourage her in discussing them or else she may find a wrong path. The best way to help her in dealing with her love life is to be a great listener. Listen to her problems and suggest what’s best for her.

Tip 4: Confide in Her

Share your secrets with her. Tell her that you made some mistakes too and you are also human enough to accept them. Tell her that it’s okay if we make mistakes because after all, humans are flawed.

Tip 5: Practice Kindness

Teach her kindness. Being kind to others will help her in being a better human. Smiling at a stranger, opening doors for people and helping elderly people will keep her down to earth.

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Tip 6: Be her Therapist!

Encourage her to talk about her mental health issues. With the mass spreading of mental health illnesses, it’s extremely important for your child to have healthy mental health. Talk to her about her issues, her anxieties and how she is dealing with her other relationships in life.

Tip 7: Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

Inspire her to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her health should be her first priority. If she is lacking behind in her health issues, motivate her to run. Her healthy lifestyle should not be the reason to seek validation from others rather a way to live better.

Tip 8: Teach her the Importance of Self-Love

Make her realize that she should be her top priority. Often times women tend to put themselves below everyone but in fact, they should be their top priority.

Tip 9: Respect Her

Accept her choices. If she chooses to do or say something, validate her feelings and make her realize that you understand her.

Tip 10: Do NOT Judge 

Encourage her to be friends with people from all walks of life. Make her non-judgmental of everyone. It will help her in being inclusive.

Here’s hoping you will have a better relationship with your child which will lead to stability and empowerment to her future!


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