A Letter to New Moms Transitioning into Motherhood

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy! Isn’t having a baby one of the most beautiful feelings in the world? I know it is! But I also know what’s going on with you. Why? Because I have been through it and there was nobody to tell me what I am about to tell you right now. So here I am writing this letter to new moms who transitioning into motherhood.

To the New Mum,

I know it’s hard for you to get a few moments for yourself right now. Everything seems like a struggle for you. Your body weight is giving you a run to the money. You are having issues in managing the household as well as the baby but it’s okay. It’s okay because five years from now you will miss the times you spent with your child. You will miss playing with them and being their only center of attention.

I see the struggle on your face while reading this.

I see that you only had a few moments of peace when the baby is sleeping and you choose to use your phone to get away from reality.

Your nights are full of insomnia.

I understand how difficult it is to manage the journey from not taking care of anyone to having a human being depend on you for every little need.

I get why you feel like crying at times because you also miss the moments you had to yourself. I know many people with their superstitions not believe in postpartum body issues but it is the reality and it does happen. Your body is changing and it is taking time for you to come to terms with it. You realize that your favourite jeans is not of your size anymore even after giving birth but it’s okay, new mum. You will eventually fit into it and find confidence in your body once again!

To the Single Mum,

I see that you have to do everything by yourself without any help. I know that most of the times you are always thinking of having a partner to help you. I get that it’s hard for you to be the mother and father at the same time. Your transition into the motherhood has helped you realize that sometimes putting someone else’s needs above you is the only way to move forward. It’s a hardship for now but my beautiful single mum; you will be so worth it to your child. Your child will always remember and treasure the struggles you did for them. You will love them beyond everything and the relationship between both of you will be sacred and pure.

I know when you see the social media, all you see is the perfectly curated feed of new mothers with their babies wearing expensive clothes. You must see a family which is complete and devoid of any negativity. You may get fleeting moments of jealousy and envy for the people you see on social media but you know deep down in your heart that your baby and you are the only ones real in this world.

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I hope this letter to new moms transitioning into motherhood has helped and motivated you in some way or another.

You will get through the toughest times that the world has to offer you. Ten years from now, you will look back at this moment and be proud of the memories you created.

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