My Baby’s Favourite Cloth Book (2019)

Hello lovely Mothers! Hope you are all having a blast with your little one. Mine is teething and I surely am! 😉 Sleepless nights and what not! But guess what helps? Guess what is making my life a little better at the moment?

It’s really just a simple thing which of course you just read about – The TITLE of the blog, YES! I could not even imagine that my 9 months old would calm down just by sucking on to a cloth book which obviously serves more purpose than just being a DIY teether! LOL

The Cloth Book that Saved My Life

So, when my little darling turned 8 mo, she started teething which resulted in her being super cranky, restless, fussy and what not! It was like the colic phase all over again. I ask my friends what to do about it and they’d tell me it’s just a phase, it’ll pass and you won’t even remember anything. Sadly, it was not something that i could handle well and I had to find a solution to this. To my utter surprise, one fine morning I saw her drooling all over this baby cloth book. What was really shocking was the sight of her NOT being fussy at all. She was actually enjoying eating the cloth book (I guess it’s been made that way – teething babies probably enjoy its texture and it soothes them down).

To be honest, I was ECSTATIC! 😀 I knew I’ve found my solution to her teething phase so I took a sigh of relief, took the other few cloth books I had ordered online from Baby Toys & Gift and placed them in the refrigerator so that it helps soothe my baby’s itchy gums.

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So, Mommies I don’t know how many of you are having sleepless nights but trust me these cloth books work! They’re a GODSEND! 😀

Do try and let me know in the comments if these cloth books have helped your baby and of course in you catching on some sleep!

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