Tummy Massage for Your Baby – Colic, Constipation, and Gas Relief

So, you expected your baby to be super relaxed when they entered your world? You thought you’ll hug and cuddle her all night long and sleep like a baby too? Well, that doesn’t happen for most of us! If your baby has been constantly crying and by constantly I mean 3-7 hours at length, you have a colicky baby. She may be constipated or has built up gas in her tiny little tummy. And when your baby cries for hours, you feel helpless and want your baby to be fine. In this post, I’m going to tell you a tried and tested tummy massage for your baby for colic, constipation, and gas relief.

How to Know Your Baby is in Pain Due to Constipation or Gas?

If your baby shows any of the following signs below, know that she has something going on in her stomach and needs your help.

  • a firm and hard belly
  • infrequent stool that’s hard
  • loss of appetite
  • blood streaks in the stool
  • crying and making straining faces while trying to pass stool
  • prolonged absence of stool

Why is Your Baby Gassy and Constipated?

Here are the top reasons to understand why your baby is gassy and constipated

  • She’s not burping as often as she needs to: Your baby is probably swallowing air while they’re getting fed or when they suck a pacifier. She needs to get that air out. This is why babies should be made to burp after every feed until before they turn 6 months old.
  • You’re not using anti-colic bottles for your baby: If you’ve observed that your baby cries excessively you must buy anti-colic bottles for her from the best brand that are available in the market. (I’ll give a review on the best one that worked for my baby in the next post!)
  • You’re eating something that causes gas in your baby: If your baby is exclusively breastfed you should make sure that you don’t eat anything that causes gas, for example, dairy products, milk, cheese, yoghurt and lots of other food items. Read more here.

With babies, you can never know what exactly caused them to get upset (that’s my personal experience). The magical massage that I am going to share now is exactly what you need to help your baby and of course, yourself from the crying spells and sleepless nights.

Watch this tummy massage for your baby which will definitely help your little one.

My suggestion is that before giving her this massage, apply some olive oil on to her tummy and legs. This will relax the baby and help expel all the excess gas. Try giving her this massage before every feed. You’ll actually notice your baby getting cheerful and more happy after making this tummy massage a part of her daily routine.

If you try this for your baby and it helps, do comment below and subscribe for more tips and tricks.

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